Wellness Coaching

Ten Dimensions of Coaching

My approach to coaching is to work as a collaborative partner with clients, exploring any and all of the Ten Dimensions of well-being as clients need and desire.  I fully believe that "Wellness" means working with the full self - Mind, Body, and Spirit.  If the client feels satisfied, fulfilled, and balanced in all aspects of these three broad areas, then a true sense of Wellness is present.  

Each of these Ten Dimensions are all interconnected.  Where clients may at first desire to focus on one specific area, it becomes apparent that other aspects of their lives are directly affected by any one area where they wish to make changes.  ​So understanding the inter-relationship of these dimensions is vitally important to making long lasting and gratifying change.

I use a solution-focused based model of coaching in guiding clients to tap into the internal resources, strengths, skills, and abilities they already possess, but may have lost sight of in the struggles of life.  By centering on the solutions and moving away from problem-oriented coaching, clients see hope in their OWN ability to make changes in their lives while envisioning and beginning to live their preferred future.

I am happy to consult, coach, teach and do peer-coaching program development for individual or group clients.  Any time I have the opportunity to bring about a renewed sense of hope and well-being to a client, I fulfill my own purpose in this work.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss available options.

"Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls." ~Joseph Campbell